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Forza Cavallo creations are unique, sophisticated, and accessible pieces of art using the horse as both shape and symbol. The motif isn’t just for the equestrian enthusiast, but for anyone seeking passion in their everyday world. Our name is derived from two Italian words: Forza, meaning force or power, and Cavallo, “HORSE”. The translation roughly means to move forward with the horse. It represents empowerment and freedom without restraint. This spirit moves us to live our lives more in touch with nature and to create clothing and homegoods that encourage others to do the same. 

We source our textiles from environmentally conscious partners with the highest quality materials. The care we put into every item means our Forza Cavallo pieces will be some of your most treasured articles for years to come.

The Forza Cavallo company is based on a small farm in Tiverton, RI. Our family’s equine lifestyle inspires the artistry in each of our pattern-design lines, and through our products, we’re able share our appreciation for the horse with people around the world.

Our horse-themed patterns are created by artist Tom Deininger, under the direction of his wife, Marcella-Raphelle, prints are then crafted into accessories, apparel and home goods. 

Our Impact

“The horse is the projection of people’s dreams about themselves-
Strong, powerful, beautiful-
And it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence.”
(Pam Brown)

Forza Cavallo Farm is the home of Tom Deininger’s Art Studio, a refuge and a natural horsemanship facility. There, we developed a program called Helping Hooves, through which groups of adults and teenagers with developmental disabilities can interact with the horses - making horse treats, helping with their care, and enjoying the nurturing energy. A portion of all sales go to supporting the Helping Hooves program.

Our products and mission embody the creative energy of our brand — there’s no better way to learn about us than by checking out our inspired apparel, accessories, and homegoods!

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